About Us

What Is Hudson Job Search?

Hudson Job Search is a non-denominational Christian organization started in 1982 by a group of concerned Hudsonites, with the vision of providing outplacement services to the Hudson community at no charge. The 1980's began the first waves of 'downsizing' in America. Some of those affected were fortunate to have company access to outplacement services where job-searching skills are taught. Many did not. HJS was started to assist those newly unemployed Hudsonites who may not have outplacement access. Since our formation, HJS has assisted more than 2700 Hudsonites.

Who Is Hudson Job Search?

HJS is staffed by fellow Hudsonites. These advisors volunteer their time to the community for the sole purpose of tutoring those sincerely interested in acquiring or honing job search skills. The advisor group consists of business executives and other prominent Hudsonites, many with first-hand experience in searching for new employment themselves.

Who Qualifies for Assistance?

HJS Monday Night Meetings and workshops are open to the public. Please feel welcome to join us.
Individual coaching services are open to all who live or worship in Hudson. We primarily assist those who are currently jobless or expect to be so in the near future. In order to provide sufficient service to the entire community, we cannot assign individual advisors to those who are currently employed and wish to improve or change their current job situations.

What Services Are Provided?

As a client, an advisor will be assigned to work with you on a one-on-one basis until you achieve your job search objective. Your advisor will work with you to polish essential job search skills including:

  • Job Search Focus & Goal Setting
  • Project Management & Organization
  • Resume & Marketing Letter Writing
  • Researching Positions & Companies
  • Building & Exercising Your Network
  • Interviewing Skills & Preparation
  • Negotiating Compensation
  • Closing the Offer

What Services Are Not Provided?

HJS is not a recruitment or placement firm and does not maintain a list of open positions. Unlike professional outplacement firms, HJS does not provide office facilities or secretarial services. Our mission is to teach clients how to most efficiently search for the positions they seek.

How Do I Sign Up?

You should contact HJS by e-mail, telephone or at a Monday meeting (contact your church for our e-mail or phone number). Following a telephone interview to determine how HJS can best assist you, an advisor will be assigned and will contact you to set up an initial meeting.

What Is My Obligation In Joining?

Again, all services are provided by volunteers. There are no fees required of you as a client. HJS asks only for a commitment of your own effort. As our advisors are volunteering their time, they must be assured of your sincere interest in applying yourself to a sustained effort throughout your job search.

Monday Night Meetings

Monday Night Meetings are short seminars on essential job search & career topics, at no charge. HJS clients, along with the general public, are invited to attend. Spouses are encouraged to join you. The speakers at each meeting are experienced in the many aspects of job searching. Meetings are held throughout the year on the first & third Monday nights of each month, beginning at 7:30pm. Please plan to arrive at 7:15pm. Publicity about these meetings can be found by clicking on its entry in our calendar and in the Hudson HUB-Times. The location for these meetings is in the lower meeting hall of Christ Church Episcopal, 21 Aurora St, Hudson, OH 44236

Financial Backing

The services of Hudson Job Search are made possible by the generous financial support received from the Hudson churches, Hudson area foundations and Hudson social service organizations, as well as the time, talent, and gifts of many caring individuals. Please contact us for further information on becoming a valued sponsor of HudsonJS, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.