4 Steps Job Seekers Can Take For Effective Networking

Don Goodman
March 3, 2015


You’ve heard it here before that networking through contacts is the most effective approach when job searching, but let us go into how exactly you as a job seeker can effectively network.

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For starters, effective networking involves building lasting relationships where both parties can help each other. So, rather than jump into it with the mindset of “Can you find me a job?” think about it as a chance to get to know others and an opportunity to receive valuable advice. Naturally, the relationship you build will evolve to opportunities to help one another in ways like offering referrals to even job opportunities.

As a job seeker, here’s what you need to keep in mind if you want to network effectively at a job fair, networking event, or online networking community:

1. Come off as approachable.

People with the right attitude are simply more approachable. You don’t even have to say anything, it’s as basic as having the right facial expression and posture. So, when you’re attending a meeting, make eye contact with others and offer a smile. By keeping your head up and arms to your side, you naturally become approachable to initiate conversation with others or welcome others to initiate conversation with you...

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