Gaining Greater Visibility

Terrence H. Seamon

Senior Consultant Facilitation Solutions, Coach, Author, Speaker

Oct 24, 2015

As a job hunter, do you sometimes feel like the Invisible Man or Woman? No one seems to knows you are right there?

Today I saw a quote that said:

"If you are not on LinkedIn, you are invisible to recruiters."

In today's job search, that is a true statement. But there is much more to say about how to gain greater visibility in your search.

Put yourself out there - Perhaps the most memorable example of "putting yourself out there" in recent memory is financial guy Charles Pixley, who turned his resume into a sandwich board and stood at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway at the height of the Great Recession.

Talk about gaining amazing visibility. He even got the attention of the media.

Whenever you think you've done all you can to put yourself out there, think of the chutzpah of Charles Pixley. You probably haven't even come close.

What else can you do to raise your profile in the eyes of those that matter to you? Are you attending meetings in your field? In his own bracing style, Nick Corcodilos once said, You have to hang out where employers you are interested in hang out.

For example, if you are in the pharmaceutical field, are you attending meetings of ChemPharma?

Where are you hanging out?

Let everyone know your Objective - And I mean everyone!  Everyone in your personal and professional network. 

Many of the people who know you probably care about you. It's quite likely that they would want to support you in some way. Enlist them! Turn them into field agents for you. All a field agent needs to know is your Objective:  What you are looking for. The companies you are interested in. The geography you are searching within. And any other parameters that matter to you.

If your network of contacts knows what you are seeking, your contacts can help you.

Imagine how great one of your contacts will feel when the lead they provide turns into your next job!

Pick up the phone every day and touch base with several of your contacts.

Identify your target employers...and let them know you are interested - If your job search consists mainly of responding to ads on job boards, you may be doomed to a long search. As many Careers experts have said, in today's job search, when you search this way, your application and resume are going into a "black hole" (aka Applicant Tracking Systems) never to be seen by human eyes.

What is the alternative? As a job search mentor of mine was fond of saying, "Go Direct."

Go Direct means identify the employers that You are interested in working for and utilize your network to gain access to the decision makers. This way you are waging your campaign proactively, much like a sales campaign.

Cautious job seekers have many concerns about this approach. Won't I seem like a stalker, they might ask? Only if you cross the line and become a nuisance.

What if they are not hiring? Do not be concerned about whether or not the employer has a job opening. The aim is to gain visibility with them. Until you do so, they have no idea you exist!  Once you do so, they may see (if you convey your Value Proposition clearly and confidently) that you are "the answer to their prayers."

Complete your profile - And yes be sure to fully complete your LinkedIn profile, meaning that you have added a photo, you have a great Headline under your name, you have a meaty Summary with areas of expertise, and you have at least 250 connections.

Terrence Seamon assists job seekers to gain greater visibility in today's challenging job market. Follow him on twitter @tseamon, and on facebook Facilitation Solutions.​