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The Right Way to Discuss Your Failures in a Job Interview

by Allen Gannet     Twitter @Allen | Oct 30, 2016

In interviewing hundreds of people, I’ve found that the way a candidate answers one key question tells me more about them than any other. I'll usually wait until the candidate has relaxed somewhat and begins to open up. Then, about halfway through the interview, I'll ask, "What has been a moment of significant professional disappointment or failure, and what caused it?"

Do they focus on a lost promotion, or a failed project? Do they make it about themselves, or about their company?

15 Words you Should Never Use in a Job Interview

Receiving an invitation for a job interview can be an exciting time – especially after you’ve been job-searching for a while.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to kill off all your chances of getting a job by saying just a few wrong words during your job interview.

To make sure your job interview leads to the next round or a job offer, here’s a list of words which you should aim to avoid.


3 Killer Interview Questions

It is hard to get a good read on a candidate’s degree of self-awareness and to get them to share their honest take on their weaknesses. It took me years to figure out how to get professionals to open up on this topic in a way that didn’t generate canned answers. These are the three questions that finally did the trick (at least most of the time).

1) Did “ACME” (insert most recent employer name) do performance reviews?

5 Ways to Derail Your Interview

By: Rachel Farrell on May 30, 2011

An interview is one of the hardest things to obtain as a job seeker -- and unfortunately, it's also one of the easiest ways you can lose the job opportunity.

Interview mishaps happen to everyone, but the key to avoiding them is to relax and be yourself, says Laura Rose, a life and business coach and owner of Rose Coaching.

7 Questions to Ask on Your Next Job Interview

Sep 17, 2015

By: Scott Span

So you’re going on a job interview?  Congrats #jobseekers!  A job interview is an exciting yet nerve wracking task.  

It’s a lot like speed dating.  You have a short window to shine and get a feel for a fit, the hiring manager, and the culture of the organization.  It’s a lot to absorb in a short period of time. You’ve got to be at your best and you’ve got be on your toes.

Answering the Question- What is your Greatest Weakness?

One of the questions that tends to throw candidates off at interviews is when they are asked about their biggest weakness. You can look the part, sound the part, and be absolutely flying, but when it comes to this particular question there is a tendency for nerves and panic to set in. I have also spoken to many people who are preparing and rehearsing for an interview, and this is always the one they get stuck on.

Conventional or Behavioral Based Interviewing

A job interview has been scheduled for you, but do you know what types of questions you’ll have to answer? This is the dilemma most candidates face. Don’t panic. You can prepare for various types of questions, and I’ll give you a few hints later on. Most companies are using one or the other type: conventional questions or behavior-based questions; even a combination of them is likely.

Five Smart Moves Most Job-Seekers Are Afraid To Make

By Liz Ryan, Forbes Contributer    If I could grab job-seekers by the figurative lapels I’d tell them, “The talent market has moved. It is not where you left it. It’s a different world now!”

Many job-seekers are too docile and compliant for their own good. They think that they will shuffle through the steps in a big-company recruiting process and get a great job at the end of the process. They are mistaken. Only the people who advocate for themselves end up being valued as much as they should be.

Five Ways to Look Relaxed During a Job Interview

by Amy Levin-Epstein
MoneyWatch | March 20, 2013

Few people actually like job interviewing. It's nerve-wracking trying to show your "best" self to a perfect stranger. You're trying to prove you're the man or woman for the job and that you can handle stressful situations like this one. That's not easy, but there are some ways to pull yourself together and feel more confident.

Even if you're getting butterflies during your next interview, here are five ways to at least look less nervous.

Interview with the PC: What's Next?

And you thought a phone interview is challenging. How about the next phase, which will involve using Webcam technology? Many major employers have become more sophisticated in the use of such technology and are using the services of companies like Interview Stream for Webcam interviewing. The Webcam is an additional selection tool a company can use before it’s willing to commit further time and money.

Learn How to Flatter the Interviewer

I’ve been noticing a trend with many of my clients with whom I help to improve their interviewing skills; they think the interview is about themselves! They believe that they are doing all the talking and answering all the questions so why wouldn’t the interview be about themselves? My response to each person has remained consistent, “You must learn to flatter the interviewer.” At the end of the day, people will hire people that they like and trust. Here are some tricks to do just that.

Learn To Flatter The Interviewer