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20 Conversation Starters for Networking Eventts

1) Have you guys found a place to put your coats/bags, or are we just holding on to them?

This question plays on the communal confusion that occurs at every event. No one knows what they're doing. And the ones that do will revel at the chance to be the one "in the know."

2) You guys look like you're having the most fun in the room, mind if I join this conversation?

Of course, this group actually has to look like they're having a good time.

3) Have you guys been having any trouble with the Wi-Fi?

3 Bad Assumptions About Networking for Your Job Search

Many job seekers have told me how much they hate networking for their job search. They don't like meeting strangers, particularly when they (and the strangers) have "an agenda."

They'd rather spend (waste?) time endlessly clicking on the "Apply" button on job boards than venture out into the scary world of "NETWORKING"!

My favorite networking story:

8 Tips to Less Awkward Networking Meetings

You have worked hard and found someone to connect you with a person in your company of interest. You are an accountant. John in the IT department has agreed to meet with you. You know you want to work for his company. He knows you want to work for his company, what now? Here are some tips to maximize the meeting:

1) If the main point of the meeting is to ask, "can you hire me?", you are wasting your time. John works in another department and is not in the position to hire you.

Five Reasons to Network

February 7, 2012 By Dan Toussant

Why build a network?  Why contact people?

For the most part,

  1. They will NOT have a job for you to consider,
  2. They may NOT be interested in talking with you; (people are SO busy), and
  3. Why take the time to go meet, when you could be filling out an on-line application, or responding to a job posting with a resume and cover letter!

Right?  Wrong!!!

How to Get a Face-to-Face Interview

Getting interviews? If not, perhaps it's time you learned how others are meeting HR decision makers. Here are some effective but indirect ways to get noticed by the people who can get you hired.

Best Referrals Are a Friend of a Friend
Ask friends, "Do you know anyone who might know someone?" Then, don't be afraid to discuss your job search wherever you go-at the gym, church, ballgames, parties, social media and so forth. When the opportunity presents itself, be open and honest about what you're looking for.


Network: Take your Job Search Offline


When Jessica Rodrigues moved to New York after four years of doing AIDS health work in Mozambique, she mostly relied on the Internet to look for work.

She emailed her résumé in response to online job postings and waited. When that tack didn't net many offers, she sought help from New York career coach Melissa Llarena, who told her to get more face to face with her search.

That included expanding her professional network and coming up with creative ways to get in front of the right people.

Networking is an Art and Science Combined

Networking has two purposes: (1) to get you your next job, and if that’s not right now, (2) to prepare for when you need to. Networking is the most effective way to secure a job nowadays. Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads—human resources consultant to the largest companies in America—says that if you network your way into a company to the point that someone internal there delivers your résumé to the hiring manager, that delivery increases your chances 10-fold. And that means a thousand percent!

The Incredible Benefits of Introducing Others

by Bruce Kasanoff on February 21, 2014

Until recently, I didn’t know that Bill Gates might owe a chunk of his early success to his mom. It turns out that Mary Gates sat on the United Way board along with John Akers, who became IBM's CEO. Mary suggested to Akers that IBM did not sufficiently appreciate some of the smaller firms in the computer industry, and eventually IBM started taking proposals from such firms, among them the fledgling Microsoft firm.

The Listener Wins

by: Michael Purdy, Monster Contributing Writer

A crazy thing about communication in American society is the strange power of the listener. A song isn't good unless the listener says it is good; audiences determine music's success. However, it is equally true that we aren't serious listeners until we have educated our ears. If we don't critically train our listening tastes, we could be a mindless consumer of whatever the music industry pushes our way with big ad budgets and slick promotions.

Why Most Networking Events Fail...

and 5 tips to save them

February 4 2014

What’s the difference between a networking event that inspires and connects versus one that fails?


Networking events are infamously awkward because they can’t seem to consistently generate trusting relationships.

There are exceptions, but often people approach them from the mindset of “How can you help me?”, “Can you get me a job?”, “Want to buy this?”.