Self Assessment

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The following articles can help you perform a self assessment before starting your job search. Click on the Read more hyperlink, in order to view an entire article.

5 Questions to Ask BEFORE you Start your Job Search

After many anxious nights and frustrating days, you’ve finally made a decision: you need to find a new job. Over the last few months, you may have gone back and forth, thinking and rethinking, questioning if you should just stick it out or if you should find a new home for your talent. The perfect time to start your job search is before you begin feeling a desperate need to get out of your current position. One of the worst times to start a job search is when you feel like your back is up against the wall.

Stella - 'Ideal Job' Exercise

Your Ideal Next Job & Employer Exercise

Phil Stella, Effective Training & Communication

How many of you are seeking a new job?

How many are seeking a great new job with a great employer, so good that you would have left your previous job to take it?

How many will know it when you see it or where to find it?